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Covid-19 Message

Hello to our parents and our wonderful 4th graders!  First, let us say that we love you, we miss you and we are looking forward to school resuming so we can end our school year together.  Until then, we believe our school system is  taking wise precautions for everyone's health and safety and that all will be well.


We are not making specific assignments nor will we be taking grades during this time of learning at home.  We are available every week day especially from 8-3 to answer questions and give assistance through email or Class Dojo.  We are both teaching our own children from home and are following a recommended schedule for our kids that we will post on our class story as a suggestion for you.  We also recommend some old fashioned learning that we might not "normally have time for."  Learn to cook a meal, sew on a button or plant some seeds.  Enjoy time together!  We'd love for you to send us pictures!  We will be missing seeing you everyday.  We will post some too.


From Mrs. Williams

First and foremost we both want you to read everyday!  🙂  30 minutes a day is great.  45-60 a day is even better!  I was told if you called the public library, they will bring books curbside for you to pick up.  If anyone can verify this, let me know.  I also realize it is a real bummer for you all to have to stop reading The Lightning Thief just 3 chapters from the end!  The day school resumes, we will read chapter 20 together and the other two chapters the next 2 days!  We will still test and do our end of unit activities at that time.  (I'm so glad I got to see all of your great myth character presentations!)  You have my permission to go ahead and listen to the last 3 chapters on YouTube if you want to! If you do, the same rule applies that has all unit long - no spoilers for those who do not read the end!!


I would like to suggest  I went on there today and looked over days 1-5 of the grades 3-5 lessons.  They are GREAT!  Especially the lesson for Day 3 taking a virtual field trip to the Museum of the American Revolution with Lauren Tarshis - the author of the I Survived! books!  It's awesome!  And Day 4 is about Burger Bugs... edible insects!!  Gross and informative!  Read, learn and send me questions and info if you want to share.


You may practice typing spelling words if you want, but it's okay to take a break from that.  We will pick up where we left off when school resumes.


Mrs. Williamson is sharing a link to get going on a free access to Brainpop.  (See below)  I HIGHLY recommend this!!  You can learn so much about any subject you are interested in - there's even one about the Greek Gods! and St. Patrick's Day - are you wearing green today? 🙂


From Mrs. Williamson

Students can continue with their current or lessons for math practice. I have also posted the remaining interactive tutorials for math in Google Classroom along with the class codes for Freckle. Scholastic also has some great math and science videos that are fun and short that students can access at Brainpop is also allowing free access during school closures. It has videos for all subject areas. For science, I recommend anything pertaining to animal and plant adaptations and immigration for Social Studies.


From us both

There is an interactive field trip to Ellis Island in your Social Studies Google Classroom.  You are welcome to enjoy that as well as SS Brainpops.  We will be fine with all you have learned this year in class and we will resume GROW when we get back to class.  You can continue to practice your typing skills at  We will still take the LEAP when school resumes and we know you will do just fine!  Remember we are just a message away and we love you!